Catawiki online auction

Catawiki worldwide auction

Catawiki auction is a worldwide auction site available in most of the world. It is simple and very professional, and translated into many languages.
The best thing about Catawiki online auction is, that the seller does not have to send items to a physical auction house, and wait for an expert to valuate the lots.
It is very easy to create auction lots, and the seller creates the lot from home, make the desired description, make photos and set a value for the lot. An auction expert then review the listing, and contact the seller if changes are needed.. if not, it is catagorized and offered up for auction.

Selling at Catawiki

At first, the seller sign up for Catawiki online auction

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The seller find a great object for the auction and does the following:

  1. Create some great photos of the object
  2. Make a great description of the object, highlight all the positive things about the item – describe any damage
  3. Set an estimated value of the product
  4. Fill in the template at Catawiki
  5. Submit the listing to the auction house experts

Next step:

The Catawiki auction house experts review your listing, and if it is accepted, it is offered up for auction. The expert could also request changes from the seller, and when these changes are made, the lot is offered up.

When the item is sold, the buyer has to pay within three days. When the buyer has made the payment, you are to ship the item/object within 3 days. When the item is shipped (with track and trace) – you will receive payment approx. 14 days later. The seller fee will be deducted from the hammer price.

Seller advantages

Selling at Catawiki online auction has a lot of advantages for the seller.

  • Anything is done from home
  • The seller fee is low for an auction house
  • The lot is offered to a world wide audience
  • Auction experts are there for you to review your listing
  • It is fast and easy to offer up things for auction
  • Catawiki has a great support
  • Sellers have visible feedback from buyers

Buying at Catawiki

Buying at Catawiki online auction is very simple and easy, and more than 65.000 lots are offered up every week .
At first, the buyer sign up for Catawiki online auction

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