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This site is dedicated to review online auction sites, and bring our best recommendations when selling at online auction. We will help users decide which online auction house / site they should select, based on their items for sale – wether it is antiques, cars, clothing or anything else. To help users, we will describe which auction sites are specialists in which items.

DIY Online Auction – Catawiki auction

Catawiki online auction houseWe find that one of the best online auction sites is CATAWIKI – It is a so called DIY (Do it yourself) auction site, where the seller takes own pictures, creates the lots and have them approved by the experts. This reduces the Premium for both seller and buyer. It is a great concept, and is supported by a number of professional experts. Catawiki is the place to buy and sell all kinds of items – safe and secure.

For sellers
When you create your account at Catawiki auction, you will within minutes be able to offer up your items for auction. The Catawiki staff then makes sure, that you have created optimal images, correct description and correct valuation.